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RNS-E - Manadżer MP3

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Ktos próbował może tego soft ? :





Rips tracks from audio CDs into MP3s at all bit rates with tag editing using the acclaimed LAME encoder;

- Uses the freedb.org website to automatically offer artist, album and track titles for the ripped tracks;

- Organises tracks into M3U playlists, with the MP3s stored in a folder on the root of the SD card, and the playlist on the root for the RNS-E to play;

- Has a "one-click" process, where - assuming a CD is in your default CD drive and an SD card placed inside a reader (marked as a removable drive in Windows) - all the tracks will be ripped, named, added to a playlist and then copied to the SD card.


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ale to nie jest soft do RNS-E tylko programik do PC do ściągania muzy z płyty na karty i optymalizacji pod kątem odtwarzania w navi...

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